Why do I need Marketing Automation when I have a Marketing Team?

The advantages of Marketing Automation are time saving, efficiency and more appropriate approach to potential customers and current customers. It is a maximum customer-specific and personalised approach. Marketing Automation mainly includes lead generation, lead management, customer life management and customer loyalty. The focus is also on segmenting customers and potential customers with the aim of an optimal approach. Here the most important is the “optimal approach”, the ideal time and content. Thus, their team can focus on other important things, such as the analysis that your MA solution provides. Imagine that all marketing measures deliver measurable results that will bring you to loyal customers.

A suitable MA tool is: a better understanding and knowledge about website visitors and customers. This is what your marketing team uses to create fully automated, complex and sophisticated marketing campaigns. The biggest advantage of implementing a marketing automation solution for your team is the saving of time. The other manual operations are carried out automatically by the system. As a result, the company collects appropriate marketing knowledge and experience in the form of processes and data. As a result, the effectiveness of your marketing activities is constantly improved.


Nowadays consumers are a demanding audience. They have an unlimited selection, and on the Internet you can quickly find a tempting offer and an enormous discount. Most companies lack marketing that addresses every visitor and customer individually. With the right tool, you automatically recognise visitors’ interests and customer requirements, making them one step ahead of your competitors.

According to MA customers, the current statistics, with the right tool:

  1. 250% increase in the contact number
  2. Sales growth by 13%, after the automation of the contact management
  3. Reduction of non-active leads: from 85% to 30%
  4. In 58% of cases, the companies report a sales increase which is higher than that of the competition

Now we come to the moment by deciding to start a marketing automation system quickly, easily and cheap, so you bought a solution license, made a database import and even implemented the tracking code on your website.

Why do I not see any results?

In our next blog entry we explain if an implementation can go wrong and what has to be considered.

Author: Sarah-Johanna Hamera – MAC