Choosing the right tools for a marketing automation solution is always a big challenge. The variety of available options can make you dizzy. The severity of the problem increases as the solution provider asks which tools they need and what their goals are. Grab an objective source here. At Marketing Automation Club, we critically but objectively approach the various solution companies because we know precisely what the consequences of a wrong selection are. We would like to spare you this.

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Which tools are best suited to your needs? Which solutions will fit within the budget? And most importantly, which of the solution providers will offer the selected tools? To answer these questions, we need to address two crucial issues.

  • The first problem is the ability of users, including the ease of dealing with new technologies. The ability to use the tool is the basis for carrying out activities. If your marketing team has a small amount of time and could find it challenging to learn automation processes, then you should look to choose user-friendly solutions. (In addition to the intuitive tools, another important aspect is the access to teaching materials such as video, infographics, or articles that provide additional support. The ability to contact the customer service office is also a valuable advantage.)
  • The second is the budget. Marketing costs using automation tools do not have to be high. There are many tools on the market that you can use for free. It’s worth using this option if you have a modest budget. Well-used automation tools always bring many advantages, even if they are free. If your quick and spectacular sales results are relevant to you, and your budget is unlimited, you can take advantage of the extensive tools that personally address the customers’ needs and send the best offers to customers who engage with your interests – automatically.


Whether you have an expert team that has enough time to engage in automation or not, a good automation tool should be intuitive and easy to use.

We know an extensive amount of platforms that offer different packages of tools for customers in the B2B, B2C and e-commerce segments. The significant advantage we offer is our years of experience and objectivity. We work with the best experts in this industry and know all the innovations, best prices and legal backgrounds.

Author: Sarah-Johanna Hamera – MAC