What determines the success of the Marketing Automation implementation?

There are many reasons for that. Based on experience, conversations with customers and completed projects, a conclusion emerges showing what is most likely behind the majority of implementation errors. No right strategy, poorly chosen platform or insufficient team skills.

It is a poorly done step of analysing needs and strategies that should be implemented through marketing automation. This step is often completely forgotten. As this process unfortunately often looks like: Immediately after the decision and selection of a marketing automation system, companies start with the implementation. The tool selection itself is made on the basis of the information collected and the sales arguments of the system supplier. But not every company is the same and two similar companies from the same industry have different requirements. Marketing automation software functionality may differ significantly from the needs of companies planning their implementation. However, there are some key issues that affect whether the platform you choose is the right option for your business.

After the technical implementation and possible integration with other systems, companies plan and start many types of campaigns, often random and unintentional. If you carry out the project in this way, then in most cases it will fail.

Choosing a marketing automation tool is no easy task. If you do not have sufficient knowledge and experience in this field, it is going to be more difficult to implement. Therefore, remember not to make the unintentional mistake that often happens and start your marketing automation adventure by choosing a suitable tool. The first step should be a thorough analysis of your business, goals and staff. This is the basis for preparing a marketing automation strategy. Only then can you start to choose a platform that will provide you with all the functionalities you need and ultimately deliver measurable business value.

Remember that the process of defining and creating strategies is not a one-time undertaking. You must constantly measure and analyse the results of your activities. Test different approaches and communication methods and draw appropriate conclusions from them.

Select Automation from the Marketing Automation Club

A well-defined strategy is essential to successfully implement and build long-term customer relationships. We help you understand your customers, from the initial contact with the company to the “loyal customer” level. In this way, you can change and improve strategies where required.
Based on a well-designed plan, we prepare a communication strategy at every stage. With collaborative work, data sharing and the right tools, we can help you develop a strategy that will enable your business goals to be successful.

Together, we take into account a variety of factors. Do not let mistakes affect time and the cost of implementation, so as not to reduce the effectiveness of further action.

Author: Sarah-Johanna Hamera – MAC