Why working harder does NOT always make you rich

By concentrating on the most important things, as well as organising and automating the rest of your business, you will find that it almost runs itself. Otherwise, you can become too distracted and this leads to a rapid decline of many companies before they even start properly. The companies that survive know the key elements for effective marketing.

We look after many companies and see the changes in income after you focus on the essentials. Marketing Automation provides the opportunity to learn, grow and dominate the industry in the months to come after implementation. You should not miss the connection and find the right solution.

New technological innovation = new thinking

Marketing automation solutions mean highly complex features. With the right solution, your company will be able to focus more on integration and automating tasks.

How do I plan this and how do I create a good strategy?

This is where marketing automation meets a change in the thinking of online marketing, because these systems act in short periods of time. Sooner or later, marketing will have to say goodbye to the months-long campaigns. This also makes it possible to effectively process the individual target customers. On the other hand, due to its high flexibility, the software can be used to successfully automate important sequences, such as the welcome sequence or a defined interest sequence. You will see daily / weekly and monthly analysis showing what is effective and how you should continue to work. Every action and response is noted and this is used by your marketing team to create more successful campaigns.

Marketing automation is worthwhile for companies of all sizes: Big or small, every marketing team’s dream is that marketers get data from prospects and then send the right content out at the right time to attract more customers. In this dream, the buyer gets the information that interests him and goes through a simple sales process – as a result, the seller gets better sales.


Many rate Marketing Automation very highly, but this is always dependent on their own knowledge. In general, an implementation only makes sense if it is used correctly by the whole team. This is why only a few entrepreneurs earn a lot of money while so many others struggle hard, suffer and eventually fail.

If you have a solution in mind, make sure that you have sufficiently tested it. Maybe another platform is more suitable to your requirements?

Do you have all the customer data you need to achieve your goals? If not, then you need to generate new leads. Do you have a plan on how to do this?

Contact us today. We will gladly help you to find the right contact person who will help you with this chaos, find a suitable solution and turn your frustration into sales.

Author: Sarah-Johanna Hamera – MAC