Updated on: 29-03-2018 23:06 CET


We not only know all the most popular marketing automation solutions and their functionalities, but also the most competent service providers who integrate them. It’s a quest to work through the whole process of digitisation and automation. As we focus on the top level, we provide the right service provider to help you with local analysis and implementation. It is vital to use the essentials of a solution, to understand data, to analyse and to go in the right direction.

The demand for marketing automation is growing, and growth momentum is going to be maintained or even accelerated in the next several years. Already 67% of marketing leaders use marketing automation. But how does Marketing Automation drive sales for a company using these solutions? How to implement marketing and sales automation to make the most of it?

We efficiently ensure that you receive practical advice from parties that are right for your business – we want every company to have an excellent, well-organised and personalised combination of services and tools. That’s how we automate marketing activities to achieve long-term goals. Since Marketing Automation is a set of tools whose purpose is to enable the implementation of cyclical marketing and sales processes, their optimisation and measurement of the results achieved have to be attended. In addition to increasing the operational efficiency and revenue of your company, it is easier to attract new customers and maintain their loyalty.

It sounds straightforward, but the power of marketing automation lies in its integration into all key areas that solve daily sales and marketing issues. We have decided to help every company not only in the technical things. We provide you with the right service provider to help you with local analyses and correct implementation. In due course, this will allow you to acquire more leads, generating high-quality data for potential customers and more sources of revenue, while limiting manual and inefficient work.

It is of significance to use the essentials of a solution, to understand data, to analyse and to go in the right direction. Every company is different and has non-identical problems as well as goals. Even the best MA solution in the world is useless if you do not know what to focus on. We put the perfect team together for you: SOLUTION PROVIDER, MARKETING AGENCY as the SERVICE PROVIDER and MARKETING AUTOMATION CLUB as the consultant.


Marketing Automation is just a technology that can send unwanted and unnecessary messages without an idea or strategy. Instead of focusing on implementing simple and repetitive tasks, you can focus on creating a marketing strategy and implementing it through creative campaigns, using new tools and techniques – and using the right service provider.

Marketing Automatio is a tool that requires review, as well as improvement and service – after integrating the relevant processes. Without choosing the right solution, it is just content, data and information that makes it impossible to achieve spectacular effects. We’ll help you capitalize on the immediate benefits of marketing automation and significantly improve your productivity, flexibility and creativity across the enterprise.