Why is it worthwhile monitoring your website and social media?

Knowledge is power and data has a special value in the e-commerce business. They give companies tips on how to adapt to changing market conditions in order to provide the best sales experience at a time when, thanks to the development of the Internet, virtually every company can cover other markets day by day. Better times than today have never been for marketers. A multitude of tools and methods that are effective as never before to meet the needs of a potential customer and to reach him with the right content, numerous channels and free access to training materials – all this makes the achievement of satisfactory results easier than it was a decade ago. In this situation, there is nothing worse than ignoring the achievements of modern marketing and continuing the persistent use of bad practices or bad strategies.

Marketing automation systems are one of the best ways to maintain continuous development and good results in your business. Unfortunately, every system is just a tool. We are currently talking about the undoubtedly tremendous opportunities that leveraging the benefits of marketing automation brings. At the same time, we forget what the introduction of new solutions means. The truth is that every technology is as good as the data that they store and use on a daily basis.

Especially because they are a rich source of information. Properly used information contributes to the competitive advantage of a company in the market. By monitoring the network and social media (eg, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.):

  • We get to know the opinions of Internet users regarding our company, our products or our brand – both positively and negatively. Their knowledge enables them to more effectively shape their corporate strategy by adapting their activities to market needs (e.g introducing a new product or modifying it).
  • We can take care of our image and respond quickly to unfavourable comments (e.g on Facebook or online forums) about our product or service (correcting mistakes, misunderstandings, compensating customers for incidents, etc.).
  • We get to know the preferences of customers who search the Internet for specific products, services or information about them.

By answering online enquiries about products and services from our category, we will open up new sales opportunities.

Otherwise, we will not be able to stay one step ahead of the competition, follow their activities and opinions on the Internet, draw conclusions based on the results and respond to competitive advertising.

Importantly, the Internet and social media monitoring is vital to large enterprises as well as small businesses – size does not matter. If you have customers (or a target audience of your product or service) on the Internet, you should also follow this channel.

This is where a good Marketing Automation CRM comes into play. It is an important element of a tool that will help you succeed. It collects a set of data about each individual customer and lead that represent the complete behavioural and transactional profile. Here you can also perform all actions related to the management of this information. It’s worth noting that many Marketing Automation systems with an integrated CRM module are the key to effectively using the data you collect about your customers. You can use all the information you get both offline and online, and store it in CRM to do personalised marketing and sales activities.

Author: Sarah-Johanna Hamera – MAC