Does SEO have anything to do with marketing automation?

To connect these two, we first have to understand what our company needs them for:

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation for the English name “Search Engine Optimizer” or “Search Engine Optimizer”. Hiring an SEO expert is a serious decision that can improve the quality of your website and save time. However, this can also damage your website and your reputation.

What is marketing automation?

Implementation of automatic marketing activities with special software and tools to improve the sales processes.

Seemingly, SEO and marketing automation involve separate phases: SEO increases website visibility and traffic, while marketing automation provides users with the right content at the right time. However, separating these activities is a big mistake.

Positioning content is the most important thing right now. The user should always be addressed when creating all types of content.

The first step:

Positioning the website begins with audits and analysis and ends with creating a good experience for users who are recipients of created materials.

Marketing automation is a source of useful information for SEO.

MA platforms offer the deepest insight into user behavior, profile and behavior. For this reason, you should use the knowledge acquired in this way (e.g. about sources for visits or interests) to improve SEO and content marketing activities.

With marketing automation tools, you can track each user’s path, find the best materials to convert, and respond to their actions without your participation.

Thanks to Marketing Automation, which is used on form pages or in a blog, you can react at any time if the recipient of the content is interested in the price list or visits the contact page, but ultimately does not write a message.

SEO is a key element of any marketing strategy, including marketing automation strategies. The combination of content marketing, SEO and marketing automation activities is currently the best possible solution. Its purpose is to ensure that content will help visitors, answer their questions, improve traffic, improve information and increase willingness of customers to buy.


SEO can do a lot of good to a company, but aggressive marketing activities and the manipulation of search results are recorded by Google and your website can be deleted from the search engine.

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Author: Sarah-Johanna Hamera – MAC