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Such slogans are used daily when surfing on different websites. Big brands, but also small companies, use this form of communication and try to get data from leads.
Do you too? Because you have a specific goal? Or maybe you collect addresses because everyone does that?
For example, newsletters that are an essential marketing tool that you can use to win customers effectively. Thanks to relevant and interesting information contained therein, leads that are interested in the company and its products can be transformed into customers. So that the newsletter can be read easily, you should follow some rules.
At the very beginning, the main topic of the newsletter should be brief and explained in an interesting way to the readers. A coherent combination of subject and short text in the email should automatically arouse the reader’s interest.
It pays to check in advance what the lead interests. For this purpose, we recommend performing a so-called A / B test with two versions of the topic. By comparing the opening rates of emails (for different topics), online salespeople can tell which variant is better.

Remember the next time you send a newsletter (or just an e-mail):

  • If the topic is too long, each subsequent character will be truncated automatically by the e-mail recipient, making it unreadable for the customer.
    • Gmail: 70 characters
    • Outlook: 73 characters
    • Thunderbird: 66 characters
    • Iphone: 41 characters vertical
    • Apple Watch: 16 characters
    • Android: 27-30 characters vertically
  • Give the lead the opportunity to delete themselves from your newsletter list.
  • Try different days and times for sending the newsletter.
  • Encourage readers to click on links.

The message tracking and clicking the links inside it, thanks to Marketing Automation, is essential.
Click monitoring is a simple matter and a simple additional parameter to the traffic tracking mechanism used on the website. The counting of the e-mail openings is also carried out automatically. So you know what works and in which direction your marketing team has to go.


If you have to send an email yourself, forget about your email program. It is best to use a marketing automation tool that provides these services. Even if you do not want to spend money on it at first, you do not have to worry. Many MA tools offer a free trial period.
Moreover, do not forget: Any e-mail delivery should not be spam! In addition, you should ensure that the use of an email address is entirely legal and that your message contains the necessary elements, in particular, the ability to log out of the mailing list.

Author: Sarah-Johanna Hamera – MAC