Hubspot or Marketo

HubSpot and Marketo are the most popular software products for marketing automation. Whether one of the two is suitable for your company, we can tell you after a company analysis. Both systems can create automated marketing campaigns that turn potential customers into customers through features such as landing pages, lead capture forms, and email marketing. However, HubSpot is best suited for businesses that need comprehensive marketing and sales tools, while Marketo is best suited for enterprise-level email automation.

Costs: Both HubSpot and Marketo are based on the number of managed contacts or potential customers, as well as a service package that meets your needs. The functions of these two elements overlap, but in fact, Marketo focuses more on email automation, while HubSpot has a broader range of marketing and sales functions focused on serving our customers.

Marketo: Most of the companies that use it have specialist IT support marketing specialists who create and manage software daily. Marketo software is sophisticated and efficient, but the user interface is far less intuitive than HubSpot’s.

HubSpot: This system is relatively easy to use, considering how powerful the software is. With all the essential features, you can drag and drop segments into the workflow and make changes in an instant.

The opinions of users and our customers about both products are generally positive and indicate that the software helps them to focus their marketing activities better. However, some customers believe that both products require a lot of time and energy to get the maximum benefit.

Marketing Automation Club Tip:

Take the time to get to know some systems and let us advise you which MA system suits your company best.

Thanks to our comparison tool, we have put together a list of existing functionalities.

Author: Sarah-Johanna Hamera – MAC