Current situation in Marketing Automation

For many years intensive work has been done to improve marketing through automation. It seems that this technology has replaced most of the human manual activities. Global spending on artificial intelligence and marketing automation solutions continues to grow. Employment automation has one crucial advantage: it is a 30% cheaper alternative for the company to employ human resources. Unfortunately, this leads to an insecure situation for some employees, as specialists cannot feel secure due to the possibility of fully automating their work.

In analyzing various modern technologies, artificial intelligence is most commonly used in sales, marketing, and customer support departments, which appears to be the driving force behind the development of the global economy. The digital transformation that companies have been experiencing for several years is gaining in importance and opening up a new level of artificial intelligence. Intelligent-intelligence CRM solutions, used as integrated tools for sales, marketing, and customer service, have a significant impact on the revenue growth of the companies that deploy them.

Marketing Automation is a discovery that brings many changes in the business, which should be considered in the development. To understand this, ask yourself a simple question: “What’s easier to sell: a kiosk offering drinks or a vending machine?” The answer is the machine because it has the same effect as buying drinks in a kiosk but without human intervention. Sales may remain the same, but there is no risk of human error. In this case, the sales processes are simplified and independent.

The growing volume of news and the ever-increasing chaos of communication these days mean companies are looking for new resources, forms, and content from messages customers reach through automation of exploration processes. Automation and technological advances are not just a new, futuristic world. We are in the middle of it, and this has its disadvantages. Excessive information about technological advances is a significant burden on the human psyche.

Never before have people had access to as much knowledge as now. Therefore, technological progress has never been more dynamic. Automation and development of commonly understood artificial intelligence are not just science fiction and not just technological “maniacs” because the effects are felt in our daily lives. If nothing changes, the next generation will live in a completely different reality than we do. However, this topic is not so evident to everyone. Many marketing companies admit that marketing automation is a complex and challenging problem for them.

How your business benefits from marketing automation

Where does the added value of the company increase? A research shows that the added benefit of the company is increasing after the introduction of marketing automation tools. It should be noted that the automation of sales and marketing in the context of artificial intelligence offers added value even before implementation. The division of the processes in the company into definable steps and the finding of optimization possibilities through improved, automated processing enables the company to understand its internal processes better. During and before the introduction of the MA, interaction with all interested parties is required to understand better the impact of the changes introduced and the other parts of the business. The implementation of the system should be smooth and independent of production capacity or human resources and ensure the sustainability of automated processes.

The most significant change that can be achieved through marketing automation is a comprehensive understanding of the enterprise in the context of its internal processes. This is similar to the ISO certificates that have been popular since the 1990s, with the exception that the company relies not only on documentation but on specific, automated activities. Automation enables employees to focus on the impact of activities without human intervention. This helps the company to be less affected by human error. Automation of processes also increases the value of the company as a less error-prone system.

Author: Sarah-Johanna Hamera – MAC