Why do companies choose marketing automation?

MA is mainly due to the rapid increase in sales, which is proud of its popularity. Online sales are growing worldwide every day. But how can you additionally encourage customers to shop online, on a website?

The automation of marketing is an area that is constantly evolving and, from time to time, a new platform appears on the market or new functionalities. Which of the best-known solutions best suits your company can be found on our website.

It’s hard to cite a major reason why companies choose MA. However, it will most likely be a combination of the following factors:

Email Marketing:
The market for marketing technology is extremely dynamic because of the new solutions and opportunities that almost occur on a daily basis. By automating email marketing, you can build relationships with leads, get valuable information, and not only improve the quality of marketing content, but also communicate the sales force with current and potential customers.

Information about potential customers:
The streamlined data collection process also enables the personalisation of the message content. Personalised emails and information on the web page generate six times more transactions than identical messages that are sent or displayed to all subscribers. In addition, automation enables personalised content because it uses demographic data, as well as the behaviour of the recipients, their actions and the lifecycle status. This means you can learn more about your audience with the right marketing automation tools. Schedule content publishing for hours, days, and weeks where you can perform other tasks, and streamline your data in an improved way to change and improve your marketing strategy.

Why do you need someone like us, the Marketing Automation Club?

In the beginning, you should do a detailed analysis of your recipients. The automation of marketing without prepared behavioural models and patterns of action scenarios simply does not work efficiently. You do not even have to worry about the new MA solutions that will be combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning in the near future. Yet, at the beginning of the adventure, data consultants and analysts are a must to get the expected results. Our many years of experience with the best solutions MA worldwide equips us with a deeper understanding of technology as well as business processes in various industries. We leverage this unique experience and knowledge to develop marketing automation processes that are tailored to your customers’ needs.

Software implemented in companies typically requires intervention from IT staff and technical specialists, and we have the best specialists to take care of this. In addition, we have partners throughout Europe who can look after you on the spot. Marketing automation is a tool that has many advantages, but the implementation takes some organisational effort and requires a number of implementation activities.

What does the Marketing Automation Club do?

We create a detailed action plan that is required to correctly implement the system and estimate its cost as well as the implementation costs.

If you do not have the right tools, you are far behind the competition that will surely benefit from automation.

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Author: Sarah-Johanna Hamera – MAC