Intensive work to improve marketing automation has been in progress for many years. Apparently, the technology has already replaced most of the activity manually completed by humans. Should we worry about our job now? Let’s take a look.

Global spending on artificial intelligence and marketing automation solutions continues to grow. Work automation has a significant advantage. This is a 30% more favourable scenario than employing people. It turns out that some specialists can not feel safe.

Looking at the technologies, the artificial intelligence used in sales support, marketing and customer service solutions seems to be the driving force behind the development of the global economy. The digital transformation that companies have undergone for several years is gaining in importance and entering a new level, the spread of artificial intelligence. In our experience, nearly half of the companies will adapt to marketing automation solutions by the end of 2019.

CRM solutions, which are equipped with artificial intelligence and serve as integrated tools to support sales, marketing and customer service, have a significant impact on the company’s revenue growth. With this pace of development, 800,000 new jobs can be created.

One thing is sure, artificial intelligence will never take over human labour because it is only able to make decisions based on data, past results or algorithms, rather than by imagination, using consciousness and free will.

Forecasts of inherited work naturally stop with horizontal speculation. In fact, time will tell which of the occupations are actually taken over by the AI and which are defended by the people. This industry is growing fast, and it is difficult to say with certainty what it will look like tomorrow. However, one thing is for sure; it will be different.

Author: Sarah-Johanna Hamera – MAC