What is artificial intelligence?

When researching “artificial intelligence”, we can learn a lot about evolutionary computations, neural networks, artificial life, and robotics. Artificial Intelligence is also an IT department that deals with intelligence and creates models of intelligent behaviour and computer programs that simulate human behaviour. Of course, you also use different types of applications or systems. We at MAC are seeing significant changes – as an example, banner ads are more popular than a few years ago. They attract with personalised and adapted topics and often steer us to the right pages. Algorithms become smarter and more targeted. But where does the knowledge come from to create such algorithms? Marketing Automation Club is prepared for this topic and have dealt with it. We explain in this short article how the development of artificial intelligence really works.

First, you should investigate human and animal processes under normal and pathological conditions. After that, it is about defining and understanding emotions, intelligence, memory, brain, perception, language, thinking and consciousness of a person.

The research is carried out by interdisciplinary teams of scientists – computer scientists, philosophers, linguists, physiologists and logicians.
All the elements that are taken from this definition can be translated into algorithms that are complexly programmed to learn and evolve independently from data. These algorithms are sophisticated and very complicated, but they are only mathematical models that process data. Manifestations of innovations, conclusions, feelings or art are not available. The lack of such important characteristics of humanity indicates that a better name for the whole of the so-called “artificial intelligence” described here would be “machine learning.” Basically, it is “only” algorithms and machines that use data in order to make decisions and to be able to improve themselves (= learn). In addition, actions based on knowledge gained from data are automated.

Threats and concerns associated with artificial intelligence

Unfortunately, the development of this science area is also controversial and causes many employees to worry. Many well-known and influential people warn of the effects associated with “thinking” machines. Elon Musk believes that each one of us should be afraid of the threat we face through the development of artificial intelligence. Stephen Hawking also warns against uncontrolled development of artificial intelligence.
“The real risk in developing artificial intelligence is not that it’s malignant and what competencies it provides, super-intelligent AI will achieve great goals, and if those goals do not match ours, we have a problem.”

Time for Change:

We are experiencing more and more dynamic changes and adaptations of technology in our everyday life. The fear of it does not save us from its consequences. Therefore, it pays to be up to date with new implementations. What is your opinion on this? Contact us today, we are happy to share your opinion on our blog.

Author: Sarah-Johanna Hamera – MAC