An artist as a marketer

Selling a product or service is not an easy task without a proper marketing campaign. No wonder marketing specialists play a vital role in every business. Working in such a position requires much creativity. What exactly does this job entail? Moreover, why do we believe in the Marketing Automation Club that an artistic streak is best for that? Read our article to find the answers to these and other questions.

Talking to other marketing people, many suggest that art has little to do with marketing. Unfortunately, this testifies to a lack of knowledge in this area, or from a starting point that is intensely coloured by negative stereotypes. However, since I do not have the right to judge this, I present you with facts that will hopefully remove any of your doubt.

The observation of reality guides the artist. He sees through the prism of the emotions of which he passes, and expresses in his work a subjective point of view. Feelings are captured by him and poured onto paper, canvas, wood, etc. This often creates abstract compositions. His emotions – signs, gestures, are included in his work. An artist is compassionate and, above all, a creative person who deals daily with many topics related to man, his psyche, biology, and philosophy. In turn, marketers are the ones who are looking for answers to questions that can help a company and testing the responses with methods that are accessible to the industry. This happens objectively, whereby the marketer is often too rational.

What is the connection between art and marketing?

Both deal with general, fundamental questions about the nature of man, the artist’s fascination with it and the marketer to increase the profits of a company.

Why does an artist in the role of a marketer make sense?

Marketing professionals certainly can not complain about boredom. Marketing tasks often depend on the specifics and size of the company. Typically, these are the creation of a company’s marketing strategy, the implementation of advertising campaigns, the creation of a customer base, the recognition of customer needs, activities related to business promotion, competitive assessment and analysis, social media service, market analysis, collaboration with PR companies, cooperation with advertising agencies, monitoring the progress of media campaigns, etc.
The range of tasks may seem extensive but may increase. The job of a marketer is strongly linked to creativity and the ability to engage in a potential customer or competition. Hence, it really depends on the specialists themselves. Also, empathy is needed – this is no problem for an artist.

Common characteristics of the marketer and artist:

  • The marketer should, as we have already emphasised, be incredibly creative. The multitude of campaigns and strategies that she has to rethink, create, analyse and coordinate does not allow for duplicate schemes. Specialists in this field also deal with the careful analysis of the data provided and received. No wonder that analytical thinking is almost as critical as creativity.
  • The marketer should be persistent and consistent. If you give up a project in the middle, it will certainly not do you any good. People in this position make contact with many other people or companies, which is why they must be communicative.
  • Openness and constant desire to learn new things – Marketing doesn’t stand still; on the contrary, it is developing very dynamically. Therefore, it is essential that marketing professionals do not stop and adapt to new knowledge.
  • Ambition and passion – a marketer without passion, is a marketer with no obligation. It is imperative to have a keen interest in the subject, ambitions that drive the pros, and a desire to improve.
  • Outstanding contact with other people, openness: marketers communicate with other companies, with customers and above all with potential customers. No wonder openness and empathy are indispensable in this profession. The recipient needs to know that he is being listened to and receives clear messages and that he does not feel too far away.
  • The marketer deals with mailing, social media, often with blog entries. It is apparent that he should be able to write well.

What an artist has to learn:

Marketing Tools Support – Many programs can facilitate marketing analysis, such as marketing automation. Therefore, the ability to use them is usually required by employers. However, for an open and curious person, like the artist, this is not.

Author: Sarah-Johanna Hamera – MAC