The selection of a suitable and reputable online marketing agency is hard and who has the choice, has the agony.

Every company knows that great offers are presented by phone or e-mail, promising you what you want to hear. But what online marketing agency does what it promises? Which agency is SERIOUS? If you are looking for a reputable online marketing agency, this should attract attention through good online marketing and a professional presentation. If I want to buy a new car, I would do some research myself and would certainly not buy a car from a cold caller trying to sell me one over the phone.

Through our cooperation with numerous successful agencies, we would now like to introduce our experience and tips. This blog post will cover some of the most important things, but if you have further questions, please contact me directly.

An important criterion for me is transparency. A professional online marketing agency needs to know and understands your goals. Otherwise, any recommendation for marketing activities is pointless. Beware, because some agencies work openly and promise miracles, but shy away from unpleasant topics. This is the first point where you should become suspicious. Note also minor details: Google has no partners in the field of SEO, and self-paid advertising is not a quality feature! Do not be fooled by self-proclaimed titles or slogans that say very little, because they are very subjective. Therefore, check the performance of an online marketing agency. It also applies to the agencies that offer your services cheap. Marketing costs money! Bargain offers usually have a catch. I recommend you compare the price with the working hours and calculate if you will be assisted during this time or if your goals and requirements will only be discussed.

If you have decided to work with a service provider, it should always begin with an individual analysis of your business. The more preliminary work the agency does, the better, the future results. It should be based on understanding goals and expectations to facilitate coordination in the work process. It is good if all possibilities are taken into account and you are told openly and honestly what is not good – everyone can talk beautifully! Since online marketing is not a tape-based service but requires customisation to meet individual needs, you should be alert to offers from agencies that are not relevant to them. If an agency reports to me via spam e-mail, I would directly decline.

Much depends on my interests.  If I’m looking for an agency that will help me with a marketing automation solution, and I choose one that uses no solution itself or does not know the practice behind it, then it is my fault that my goals will not be achieved.  You should question why the service provider does not use a marketing automation solution.

Nowadays, everyone shuts advertisements, so you should first consult your circle of acquaintances. Who has had good experiences and why does he recommend an agency? If you have already seen some agencies, but have yet to make a decision, then it is time to check references. It’s not about familiar names, but about the industries they come from. If it’s a very different industry than the one your business comes from, keep away. Unfortunately, this agency is likely not to know your industry that well. If the references are correct, then pick up the phone. You will immediately notice if you are dealing with a reputable agency when you hear questions such as:

  • What goals do you want to achieve?
  • Can you track your website visitors?
  • Are you ready to change your site?
  • Who creates your content? And do you have someone who can focus on it in the future?
  • Are marketing activities currently running?
  • Do you have resources for all this?
  • What kind of expectations do you have?
  • What CRM do you use?

However, the most important thing is that a successful partnership with an online marketing agency is only possible today if you work together. Therefore, the agency should also provide you with a permanent contact person. If not, you should request one immediately! But before you conclude a contract check the contract periods. Serious agencies want to keep you loyal about their performance as customers and not about perpetual contract terms.

Author: Sarah-Johanna Hamera – MAC