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Marketing Automation has for the past decade not only brought success to many companies of all sizes, but also created a complex industry lacking transparency. It is not only a feature or benefit of some Software-as-a-Service solution, but describes a new way of doing business. It affects the way a business is facing today’s challenges, how it is structured and redefines its business opportunities in its global reach.

Marketing automation describes a software platform and technology that is designed for marketing and sales teams, customer service departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.). It defines operational processes and automates repetitive tasks through auto-responders, scheduled campaigns and workflows.


Most companies face a marketing jungle. So many theories and solutions, continuously growing and updated, making it nearly impossible to learn about best practices and the right solutions without getting confused by alternatives. It isn’t usually the core business of a company to scan software solutions and related best practices. The Marketing Automation Club offers a way to leave this jungle for interested individuals or businesses in Marketing Automation Solutions. We not only list features and create rankings of a software but also want to consider the services coming with these solutions so our members can imagine how Marketing Automation can contribute to a successful future of a company.


We target a collaboration with 3 main parties:

1. Marketing Automation Solution Provider: Usually a software or technology company developing a software. We put a significant amount of effort in to staying in touch with the different software companies who develop the listed solutions and report it on a daily basis through our various channels.

2. IT-, Web-, Marketing Agencies: Most clients are represented by Agencies who provide information or recommend solutions. We collect their experiences, find out where they provide their services and what industries they focus on.

3. Members, Users & Clients: They represent the stakeholders who Marketing Automation Club wants to inform about the options offered by this market. We collect information and compare it so it is more accessible to our members. We offer consulting services so our Members have a neutral partner to talk about their requirements.


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